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We understand that the end of life decisions associated with euthanizing a pet are often the most difficult ones you will ever have to make. We are here to help you through this difficult time.

Can you come to my home to euthanize my pet?

Yes. We will come to you so that you can keep your animal in familiar surroundings during this very sad and difficult time. We will work with you to make the process of letting go as pain-free for your pet and as stress free for everyone involved. 

Will my animal feel any pain from the euthanasia?

flowerNo. We make every effort to alleviate suffering and helping your animal pass is often the very kindest decision you can make for your pet.  In most cases, a sedative will be give first and then the final, overdose, of an anesthetic agent. Your pet will pass peacefully.  There will be time to address any concerns you may have when we come to you.

When will I know that it is the right time to let go?

The timing of euthanasia is often one of the most difficult aspect of the whole process. Often we know that we must take this step, but we do not want to do it either too soon (giving up too early) or too late (allowing our pet to have unnecessary pain and suffering). Please call to discuss this question with us. We can help sort this confusion out. Usually, owners will know in their hearts when the time is right.  

What will happen with my pets body?

There are several options in taking care of your pet's body.  We work with Pet Angle Memorial Center PetAngelMemorialCenter.com for private and communal cremations.  We will take care of everything according you your wishes, including returning private cremation remains to you.

If you wish to bury your pet, please check with state and local laws.

Can I make prior arrangement for my pets remains.

Yes. Please call or email us for all details.

What are your fees for euthanasia?

Our starting fee is $350 for euthanasia depending on travel distance, animal size and other factors.   Please call us to discuss specifics. Services for taking care of remains are additional,  ranging  from $350 - $500 for private Remembrance Packages with Pet Angel.